Will Treadmill Stop If Not Lubricated

A treadmill is excellent fitness equipment to keep at your home. But it also needs proper maintenance in order to run efficiently for a long time period. The need for lubrication in the treadmill arises in order to protect it from overworking and to keep the deck working efficiently. In this article, we shed light on how lubrication helps in the proper functioning of the treadmill.

Will Treadmill Stop If Not Lubricated?

If you do not lubricate your treadmill timely, it may stop working. This is because proper lubrication protects the motor from overworking and allows the deck to work smoothly. When you do not lubricate regularly, then you put extra stress on the motor, which can result in the motor breaking down and expensive repair in the future. Based on the model, you have to lubricate the deck using paraffin wax. But if you have a maintenance-free treadmill belt and deck, then you should avoid putting wax or any form of lubrication.

What Are The Types Of Treadmill Lubrication?

In order to prevent the treadmill from wear and tear due to excessive friction, it is important to lubricate the walking deck regularly. Typically, manufacturers of treadmills recommend that you lubricate the deck every six to twelve months based on how much you use the machine. When doing this, you must make sure to buy the right kind of lubricant. When it comes to treadmill lubrication, the following are the factors that you need to consider:

●      Caution

Using the wrong type of lubricant or oil on the treadmill can cause significant damage to the deck, motor, and other parts of the machine. So make sure you should use household oil or silicone spray to lubricate. This is because they come with petroleum distillates that can damage the parts of the treadmill.

●      The Right Materials

The type of oil that you can use on the treadmill differs from one model to another. But they are generally compounds that are free of synthetic or petroleum. Lubricating oil comes with a silicone-based deck lube or paraffin wax-based lube. Moreover, treadmills that feature a shock absorber or an incline feature may need a spray based on Teflon to be applied to the air shocks. Typically a bottle of treadmill oil can last you for several years based on how much you use it.

●      Model

Like we mentioned above, the type of lubricant you should use on the moving parts depends on the brand and model of the treadmill. So before buying the treadmill lubricant, read through the owner’s manual and check what the manufacturer recommends. Do not use lubricant or oil without checking the compatibility with the model of your treadmill.

●      Maintenance

Treadmill lubricants are an important element, which you have to use regularly for maintaining the performance of the machine. Some treadmills need lubrication before the first use, whereas others do not need lubrication until after many years of use. When using treadmill oil, a general rule is to lubricate every six months for light use, every three months for moderate use.

●      Type Of Lubrication

Teflon is a brand as well as the registered trademark of the company, DuPont. It is basically a silicone-based lubricant. It encompasses Teflon fluoropolymer, which offers extra protection against water, friction, and high temperature. Typically, manufacturers of fitness equipment recommend the use of 100% silicone in order to lubricate the treadmill belt.

When Is The Right Time To Lubricate The Treadmill?

To check whether or not the treadmill needs lubrication, unplug the treadmill from the power outlet. An important step that you must follow while doing any type of maintenance work. Thereafter, using a screwdriver. An Allen wrench loosens the bolt. Check the owner’s manual to determine what tool you should be used to loosen the deck. Once you have done that, lift the deck slightly and put your hand under it. If the inner surface is dry and there is no coating of oil, then it is time for you to lubricate.

How To Lubricate Your Treadmill Deck Properly?

Here are the steps that you need to follow when lubricating the treadmill deck:

Before starting, make sure that you have turned off the treadmill and unplugged the wire from the wall outlet.

Start from the front, where the motor is integrated on the treadmill.

Gently lift up the deck so that your hand can slide underneath too as close to the center as possible.

Using controlled pressure, gently squeeze the bottle and move the applicator from the center to the edge of the deck.

Apply around 1/8th of the bottle in order to the underneath of the belt.

Read the process on the other side of the treadmill belt.

Once down, power on the treadmill again and run it for 3 to 5 minutes. This will make sure that lubricant is evenly dispersed on the belt.

Tips To Prolong The Life Of The Treadmill

Following are some useful tips that you can follow to maintain the life of your treadmill:

There is no better way to maintain the efficiency of your treadmill than applying the lubricant in a timely manner. Depending on how much you use, ensure to check whether or not the deck needs lubrication, and use a high-quality lubricant.

Make it a point to keep your treadmill clean. This is because dust and dirt can enter into moving parts of the treadmill and can result in damage over time.

Place your treadmill in a climate-controlled room. This machine does not perform well in extreme weather conditions.

Maintain an adequate belt tension as well as tracking. The deck should run parallel to the frame of the treadmill; this will contribute to the machine working properly.

Place your treadmill on a level surface. In fact, some of these machines come with level adjustment on the back support. If not placed on a leveled surface, it will not track. You can use a quality treadmill mat for this purpose.

Should I Turn Off My Treadmill When Not In Use?

A quality surge strip is capable of protecting the electrical element in the machine from voltage fluctuation. However, the demand for power in a treadmill can differ based on its size and the speed users run it on. Additionally, the design, age, and model of the treadmill also play an important role. Therefore it can cause the power surge protector to trip as well as cut off the power supplied to the machine while being used. As a result, it can cause the treadmill to stop in the middle of running and may even cause running. Moreover, it also results in power strips to send error messages to the electronic board of the treadmill. So to avoid such complications, it is better to unplug the power cord from the outlet after you have finished using the treadmill.

Can A Treadmill Catch Fire?

A majority of the treadmills are motorized, meaning that an electrical current is being used to power them. Additionally, treadmills are made of materials like plastics and rubber that can catch fire. And being an electrical appliance, there are chances of the treadmill catching fire. While they do not generate direct heat, it is definitely the by-product. When using the treadmill at high speed, the motor can heat up, and the lack of proper lubrication can result in excessive friction. Heat would also ignite in the console or due to faulty wiring.

Can You Put Too Much Lubricant On The Treadmill?

Yes, there is a thing called too much lubricant, and the implications can be quite costly. Creating too much friction can result in burning out of the controller or motor, degradation of the deck of the treadmill, or board delamination. Moreover, when there is too much friction, the machine tends to consume too much energy. Therefore, make sure you check how much lubricant should be applied and adhere to that amount.

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