Why Are Curved Treadmills So Expensive

Why Are Curved Treadmills So Expensive

Primarily speaking, curved treadmills will start just around at $4000 and most of them are overtly priced, even more than $5000. It is mainly because they are pretty different from your regular treadmills. We will provide you with a definite guide on these treadmills and reasons behind their high end rates.

Why Are Curved Treadmills So Expensive?

Research indicates that curved treadmills will help you to burn calories a lot faster. According to their makers, you get the opportunity to burn around 30% extra calories on curved treadmills. Scientists have done their parts and measure the physiologic intensity of any standard motorised treadmill compared to the curved and non-motorised option. The report suggests that curved ones will provide stronger results from the motorised versions.

The cost of curved treadmill varies with the model you choose. Usually they are over $5000+ and way around $7500. It solely depends on the brand you have chosen to make the purchase. In case you are not economically sound to get a brand new item, we will suggest you to head for the second-hand equipment. However, be sure the item is in its top-notch condition before you invest some money on it.

What Makes Curved Treadmills Expensive?

Compared to regular treadmills, the curved ones are really expensive and a step up from its traditional version. A proper motorised treadmill will cost you somewhat around $1500+. On the other hand, curved ones will usually start at $4000. Moreover, the branded ones will be way above $5000.

  • As these models are so different from the regular treadmills, they are highly expensive. As new technology takes investment, you can see its price reflected in the product’s final rate.
  • Companies have no other option but to recoup research and their development costs. This is same with any product you plan to buy, whether phones or even electronics.
  • The newest technology always seems to cost the maximum. The same goes with curved treadmill and the technology used behind it.

These treadmills are gaining quite some popularity among the masses and are here to stay like that. Therefore, investing money on one such product will be a great and smart investment from your side.

Why Working On Curved Treadmill Is So Hard?

Remember that you are working pretty hard on a curved treadmill. This kind of treadmill will use bodyweight and friction of your foot for moving the belt. So, the use of motor is off limit in here. There is no use of a motor. Your initial steps might get a bit awkward but in no time you will realise your cadence. You will see how far up front of the curve you have stepped and that will affect your fast movement.

What Is The Main Point Of Curved Treadmill?

The main reason lies with the curved running surface. It will place greater demand on user, when compared to the motorised traditional version. However, these are self-powered treadmills. Such items will allow you to run with natural style. It solely depends on the balls of your feet. Moreover, this form of treadmill will push your body forward for creating the much needed momentum to turn treadmill belt.

Comparing Curved Treadmills To Running Outdoor

Research proves that curved treadmills are always kinder to joints and knees. But that can be said mostly about all kinds of treadmills. The deck seems to be still absorbent and the shape helps it out a bit more. However, treadmills cannot replace running outside but it is somewhat different. Most of you won’t run outside on nice slope to fit with every human’s natural stride. You cannot and should not replace it.

If you are one of those fitness freaks who love running outside, then you better continue with the same. However, with the pandemic scenario all over, it is hard to be free while running outside. That’s when the curved treadmills come into action. When it is about racing, it is better to practise on that surface where you are competing. This take is for all, whether elite runners or even recreational runners.

If you want to maintain your health, then treadmill is the best option for now. As you are stuck at home, it is better to use your spare time to exercise. Curved treadmill will offer your body with perfect exercise as asked for.

Can You Walk On Curved Treadmills?

Yes, you can definitely walk on them. You can try brisk walking on them just to warm things up, or can cool down after a tiresome workout regime. Sometimes, walking seems to be your generic exercise routine.

  • These curved treadmills work most like the manual one. So, you have to propel yourself first. However, walking on any curved treadmill is a lot easier.
  • According to Woodway, one of the leading manufacturing companies, these treadmills can help you burn 30% of extra calories than the motorised ones. So, that works in your favour to lose weight.

Next time, you come across curved treadmill in gym or in any fitness facility, always give it a try. Use it even when you are trying brisk walking. We will encourage anyone to use new equipment. If you like the feel of it, go and buy yourself one. To save money, some stores are offering great discounts on such treadmills. So, watch out for such deals and purchase one when the time feels right. These treadmills are pretty expensive, so spare yourself some money before buying one.

Benefits Of Using A Curved Treadmill

Experts made curved treadmills for elite runners and sprinters. If you feel like you need to run faster than around 2 mph, then curved treadmills are best.

  • Standard motorised treadmills cannot go faster than 12 mph, but the curved ones can. You will need to use the curved option if you are 800 metre runner or want to cover some other short distances. Thus, you will need something to handle speed well.
  • The curved treadmill is perfect for those, who are into speed working on treadmill occasionally. They can perform good speed later after practicing on curved treadmills.
  • For covering such purposes, curved treadmills are always better than the manual counterparts.
  • The best part is that you can still walk on them. So, if you have the liberty to spend more money for the latest technology, get yourself curved treadmill now.
  • Secondly, if you are trying to lose weight, this machine will benefit you highly.
  • The main reason why curved treadmills are better for speed workout is that you do not have to press extra speed buttons, unlike motorised ones.
  • You can easily accelerate yourself whenever the need arises. Similarly, you can slow your pace in natural manner.
  • In gym and in other fitness centres, experts love the curved treadmills for their higher speeds.

What About The Available Biomechanics?

You can check out the biomechanics of running on the curved treadmills. Running on these machines will improve gait mechanics. It will help you to run efficiently. However, it is hard to know if these mechanisms will transfer to motor based treadmills or outdoor running.

What Have Been Mentioned In Some Studies?

Some studies show a measurable and significant difference in step length, stride length, stride angle and imbalance in curved treadmills.

What Extra Features To Come Across?

It helps to reduce all forms of variables like imbalance or stride length. This stage indicates effective running technique with use of curved machine.

However, there have been some limitations on runner’s numbers and short running timespan. The study shows that more research is necessary. Right now with the available findings, it is easy to state the importance of curved treadmills.

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