What Can You Put Under Treadmill to Reduce Sound

What Can You Put Under Treadmill to Reduce Sound

A treadmill is a mechanical machine people use for exercising purposes. Being a machine, a treadmill needs to be looked after with care in order to extend its life and enhance the performance. All the components have to be kept in reasonable condition to ensure that it adds value to your machine.

There are plenty of brands available in the market that are offering high-quality treadmills. However, a majority of the treadmills have a similar issue, i.e., excessive noise. At the same time, there are noiseless treadmills as well that are available at fair prices. In case your exercising machine is making unnecessary noises, you can find solutions to it.

What Can You Put Under Treadmill to Reduce Sound?

The primary and the most convenient way to reduce the sound of your treadmill is to put something underneath it so that the machine’s vibrations do not resonate with the floors. You can put a mat under your treadmill as it will reduce the impact of noise hitting the floor. You can also use carpets to put under the treadmill. Additionally, treadmill isolation pads are specifically designed to reduce the impact.

Ways To Reduce The Sound of Treadmill

There’s no doubt in asserting that treadmills are great for your health, and bringing one to home can be highly rewarding and time saving for you. The only concern that people have with bringing a treadmill home is its irritating and loud noise. You certainly can stand the noise of the machine if you are living in an apartment; it will be a significant concern for you and your neighbours.

So, why not think of ways to reduce the noise and enjoy your workout session? To further ease your hassles, here are a few tips to decrease the impact of treadmill noise.

#1 Use Treadmill Rubber Mats

It is the most popular method that people try at home. Invest in quality treadmill rubber mats that have incredible power to reduce the vibration and protect your flooring from dents and scratches. Many treadmills come with a treadmill rubber mat, or you can purchase these mats individually.

#2 Relocate Your Machine

Another effective way is to relocate your treadmill to a carpeted area of your house. Treadmill noise is more tremendous on concrete and wooden floors. Use thicker carpets with dense materials that will absorb the noise and vibrations from the machine. Treadmill carpets are easily available today.

#3 Treadmill Isolation Pads

These pads specifically help to reduce treadmill vibrations and noise. Treadmill isolation pads dramatically decrease the noise and make your treadmill extremely noiseless. These have anti-vibration rubber and cork that work amazingly on the noise. Buy quality isolation pads that can provide you with optimum benefits.

#4 Optimum Positioning

This particular step is beneficial for people having treadmills in their house or apartments. How you position your treadmill also makes a significant difference to its noise. The best tactic is to place your machine away from the walls; you must put it at the centre of the house. Try different areas before you can finalize the position.

#5 Regular Maintenance

Often excessive noise is a result of poor maintenance. Being a mechanical equipment, treadmills need to be managed properly. You must follow regular care and maintenance. Properly cleaning the treadmill, lubricating the belts, tightening the bolts are some of the ways to maintain your machine.

#6 Anti-Vibration Pads

Just like the isolation pads, anti-vibration pads are a great solution to put under your treadmill. These anti-vibration pads are also great for a washing machine as well. So, you can easily use them for your treadmill. These are similar to the isolation pads, but these pads work for other equipment as well.

#7 Buy Noiseless Treadmill

An ultimate solution to all your concerns with a noisy treadmill is to trade it with a noiseless one. If you invest in a quitter treadmill, you will not have to spend money buying things to put under it and reduce its noise.

What Causes Treadmill Noises?

A treadmill doesn’t make noise without any particular reason. If you are experiencing loud noises that are not getting any better by using any of the above methods, you must consult a technician and get your treadmill corrected.

Here are a few common reasons behind the noisy treadmill.

  • Belt Adjustment: The wrong adjustment of the belt is the major cause of the loud noises. If your belt is extremely loose or tight, it will lead to malfunction. But before that, it will give you signs with squeaky noises. You must check the adjustment of the belt tension when you experience unpleasant noises.
  • Faulty Motor: Another crucial reason behind the sound can be due to the motor. As treadmills work on static electricity, they can easily catch dust, hair, and lint that can be collected in the motor. It is important to check the health of your motor regularly.
  • Components Issues: Treadmill has different components, and each has a significant function. Any faulty component can lead to malfunctioning of the entire machine. In case of such issues, you must check your instructions manual and follow the steps to resolve the issue.
  • Irregular Maintenance: It goes without saying that you must treat your treadmill in a good way, starting with regular maintenance of your treadmill. If you don’t regularly maintain your treadmill, it will encounter many technical issues leading to unpleasant noises.

What To Look For While Buying Treadmill Mats?

It is quite clear that treadmill mats are the ideal solution to all the noises your machine makes. As there are different variants available in the market, it is important to make a well-informed decision and choose the ideal one.

Here are the tips you should consider while picking up the right treadmill mats.


Picking the right size is important to use the mats optimally. It would help if you considered the width, thickness and length of the mat. It should be able to cover the entire machine and have the density to absorb the vibration. You must measure your treadmill before hitting the store.


The next important factor is the material of the mat. There are different materials available for treadmill mats. PVC is the most popular choice for many. There are high-quality rubber materials as well that have better stability and protection.


Not only absorbing vibration, but the mats should also be capable of absorbing the liquid as well. When we workout, sweating is quite normal, and you have a habit of sipping energy drinks, you must look for mats that have better liquid absorption.


The brand is another important criteria that will make a significant difference. It will help if you incline towards premium quality brands that have already acquired a prominent reputation in the market.

After considering all these points, you will be able to find the best treadmill mat to reduce the noise.

What Can I Put Under My Treadmill On Hardwood Floors?

Treadmills might make very disturbing noises on the hardwood floors, and you need to take control of that situation if you want to experience a calm workout session. You cause treadmill mats or carpets that are individually available in the market. Not only preventing the excessive noise, but these mats are also wonderful for reducing the dents caused by the exercising equipment. A mat will create an anti-slippery surface for your treadmill and reduce the chances of scratches, tears or gouges.

Which Mats Are Best For Reducing Treadmill Noise?

Any mat that is made with dense material will come handy in this situation. Rubber mats are the most popular options for people who are annoyed by their treadmill noises. It reduces the impact of vibration, thereby decreasing the unnecessary noises of it. Also, consider buying a noiseless treadmill that can save you from a lot of troubles while working out. These are affordable and comes in different variants.

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