What Are The Different Types Of Treadmills

What Are The Different Types Of Treadmills

Jogging or brisk walking is among the easiest ways to achieve your daily target of 20 to 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activities. However, going to be the gym can be challenging, especially if you have a hectic schedule. This is where investing treadmills at home prove to be an excellent option. Whenever you have some free time, just hop on the treadmill, and you can get the recommended amount of exercise. What kind of treadmill should you opt for? In this article, we explore the types of treadmills available in the market.

What Are The Different Types Of Treadmills?

People who are thinking of investing in a treadmill often face the issue of choosing the right type of machine. Depending on various factors, you will come across a treadmill with different features. Here are the common types of treadmill machine you will see in the market.

1. Manual Treadmill

A manual treadmill is a machine that does not need any electricity. It starts when you start to walk or run across the deck of the machine. People choose manual treadmills as there is a lesser chance of you getting injured as the belt won’t start until you start running or walking on it; these machines are designed to offer maximum comfort. Irrespective of your fitness level, these treadmills are ideal for all individuals. The size of these treadmills varies based on the designs and features, with a maximum height reaching 47 inches. These machines also come in a fold-up design as they do not have any electronic components. This makes it easier to store, especially if you have limited space.

2. Motorized Treadmill

These machines are larger in size and sturdier in design and are powered by electricity. Therefore you can adjust the pace depending on your fitness needs. In a way, it motivates you to push harder to match up with the pace of the treadmill. Although there is a greater risk of falling, the machine features a safety key to offer the required protection. Electronic treadmills come in two variants – one for commercial use and another for home use.

These are the types of treadmills that you most commonly see in gyms or health clubs. Along with adjusting treadmills, you can enjoy music or even watch videos. The abundance of features is what adds to the popularity of electronic machines. Some of the prominent features include:

  • Incline range between 6% and 40% for personalized difficulty level.
  • Electronic measurements, including calories, heart rate, distance, speed, etc.
  • Screen size as large as 22-inches to stream videos.
  • High speed up to 12 mph
  • Self-cooling motor
  • iFit offers personalized video workouts such as automatic adjustments and training assistance.
  • Touch screen, which makes the adjustments easier.

3. Medical Treadmill

These are larger in size as opposed to regular treadmills and even some commercial treadmills. They are primarily run digitally in order to record accurate information. Moreover, they are designed to work with some sort of medical equipment that generates measurements. Medical treadmills are designed with minimum parts to avoid wear and tear.

They also have a more soft and controlled start to make it easier for the users. Since these are used in most hospital environments, it is designed to provide quiet operation. The larger size of the running platform offers more than 5 feet of the long-running platform to accommodate patients with different fitness needs.

4. Hybrid Treadmill

The versatile machines can work like a treadmill, elliptical, stair-climber, stationary bike, etc. The hybrid treadmill enables users to switch back and forth between two sets of exercise equipment. This makes exercising more fun and convenient. With different fitness styles included in the machine, you will be able to enjoy a lot of features with each option. While they may sound complicated, hybrid treadmills are quite easy to use. Buying good quality fitness equipment costs you a lot of money. But with his machine, you get to enjoy the benefits of multiple types of equipment in a single investment.

A Guide To Buying The Perfect Treadmill Machine

Buying the right treadmill is imperative to make sure that you have a great workout session. Following are the aspects that you should consider when buying a treadmill:

●      Space

Prior to purchasing a treadmill, measure the area where you wish to place your treadmill. You will need more room than just the treadmill. If you put it directly against the wall, you will feel cramped, and this will impact the running performance. Make sure you have two feet of space around the treadmill. And if you have limited space, you can go for foldable treadmills as they save space.

●      Horsepower

Horsepower is another important factor to consider when buying a treadmill. The higher the horsepower, the longer the treadmill will perform without failing. If you are someone who uses a treadmill regularly, then you should invest in a machine with greater horsepower. If you only use it occasionally and for moderate exercises, less horsepower would do a good job. However, if you are someone who is a beginner and started working out, it is recommended to choose higher horsepower. This is because you can increase the speed as your fitness level grows.

●      Speed And Incline

Speed and incline offered by a treadmill are some of the important features that you need to consider. This is vital to consider as a good inclination determines the kind of workout you will be able to get on the machine. For instance, if the treadmill has a max speed of 7 mph and you wish to do running interval training, you are likely to outgrow the machine eventually. Based on your workout objective, you must ensure that you get the speed and incline that cater to your end goal. You need to make sure that even at the highest speed and incline, the machine runs smoothly.

●      Stability

When looking for a treadmill, you must ensure that you are able to stand on it comfortably. From the ergonomic point of view, every treadmill is designed differently. If you can, go for a trial run and make sure that it feels natural and comfortable. Since you will be running on top of it, the treadmill needs to offer excellent stability. Also, consider the length and width of the running belt. If you are an individual with good height, go for a treadmill with a longer running belt. Ideally, you should choose a treadmill with a minimum length of 48 inches and a width of 18 inches.

●      Price

Based on the features included in the machine, the treadmill comes in different price ranges. But not everyone has money to invest in the most advanced treadmill out there. So, you need to perform thorough research and select the treadmill, which has the features that you are looking for and still comes under your budget. However, make sure that you do not compromise on the quality just to save a few bucks. Buying a good quality treadmill one time would be better than buying a cheap treadmill and constantly spending money on its repair and maintenance.

Where Should I Put My Treadmill In A Small House?

If you don’t have an office or spare room, then you can place the treadmill in the living room. When you lack space, you should invest in a treadmill, which comes with a foldable design. So when the treadmill is not being used, you can fold up the machine and create more space.

Are 30 Minutes On The Treadmill Enough?

According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Physiology, researchers from the University of Copenhagen gave exercise programs to 60 heavy; however, health men. Half of them exercised for one hour a day, whereas the other half exercised for 30 minutes. The men who exercised for thirty minutes were found to have shed more weight over the course of 13 weeks. The researchers believed that men in the 30-minutes group were encouraged to work harder because the exercise was less daunting.

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