How To Use Treadmill With No Sound

How To Use Treadmill With No Sound

Working out on a treadmill is an effective way to replace outside running and shedding some extra kilos. However, if the training equipment makes a lot of sounds, it gets inconvenient for you to exercise on it. Stay with us to know how you can use a treadmill without any sound.

How To Use Treadmill With No Sound?

Your treadmill may be making sound for several reasons. When your training equipment becomes noisy, you should look for any loose bearings, a belt that has frayed or needs lubrication, or the motor belt worn out or a loose roller. Sometimes, only putting a mat under the treadmill can eliminate the squeaky sound it makes.

This article is intended to help you better understand how to eliminate irritating noises while exercising on a treadmill as we elaborate it with a step by step process. We will also discuss some of the reasons behind the noises made by a treadmill. Read on to know more about a few other aspects related to it.

Why Do The Sounds On A Treadmill Occur?

Before you learn how to terminate the irritating noises made by a treadmill, it will help to know why do they make them in the first place. There may be more than just one reason behind those squeaks. Most of such training equipment makes sounds mainly for two reasons. They are:

  • Belt

It is common for treadmills to squeak due to various issues related to their belt. In such a scenario, it will be best to look for :

  1. Whether the belt is loose or tight, you have to ensure that it is in place and held tight to avoid any noise.
  2. If the belt is well lubricated, it will help keep it adequately oiled to prevent any unpleasant sounds.
  • Bearings

Bearings are the next common reason that treadmills make noise while you work out. You will have to keep a regular check on these bearings to ensure that they are intact and have not broken or have not worn out due to prolonged usage. In any of these instances, you will need to change them.

Steps To Eliminate Unwanted Noise Coming From Your Treadmill

You have set up a mini-gym at your home by owning a treadmill. It helps you stay fit and healthy without hitting a professional workout arena. However, you will agree that whenever your training equipment starts making weird noises, you tend to avoid working out on it. You do not want to disturb your family and, simultaneously, do not know what to do with those squeaks. So, we are here to help you with a step by step process to prevent the treadmill from making those sounds.

Step 1:

First, try moving the treadmill on a carpet. If you do not have one, you can go for a rug that you will need to place beneath the training equipment to reduce noise. It works as an insulator for the squeaks coming out as your exercise on it.

Step 2:

For better insulation of the sound, you can pick a rubber mat for treadmills. These are readily available in fitness stores nearby, or you can also look for them online. Along with noise reduction, these mats offer protection from surface-slips, when a treadmill is stationed on a smooth surface.

Step 3:

Placing the treadmill in the center space of a room can be of great help. We comprehend that you tend to push training pieces of equipment towards the walls to make it space-efficient, but doing so has chances of amplifying the noises. The sound can reflect off the wall making it inconvenient for the members of your family.

Step 4:

To make your work out quieter, it will help if you maintain a routine check-up for your treadmill. If you cannot do it yourself, you can hire services to do it for you. Doing so will ensure that all the screws, nuts, and bolts are tightly in place. It will also ensure that your equipment remains stable and in good condition for a long time.

Step 5:

Lubricating the belt of your training equipment at a regular interval will help you to keep your treadmill away from making irritating noises when you exercise on it. The belt needs proper oiling because of the friction it goes under with the roller.

Step 6:

You can try walking on the treadmill in a slightly inclined position. Along with reducing squeaks, it will also assist you in exercising better. When you set the training equipment at a medium or high inclined-position, it will yield the same results as jogging. It will reduce sounds because the inclination makes the force of your feet less hard on the machine.

Step 7:

Apart from issues related to the treadmill, it can also be you. Yes, the force that your feet hit the surface can make a lot of noise. In such a scenario, what you can do is, you can practice quiet running. It does not mean to run on your tiptoes, but it implicates working out at an average speed to avoid the loud stomps. You can also try reducing the height at which you lift your feet to exercise on the equipment.

Step 8:

Wearing appropriate shoes while running or walking on a treadmill can make a lot of difference in reducing the noise you make. It will help if you go for footwear that absorbs sound and does not irritate people near you. You will find several types of shoes with gel soles or padding, which is mainly designed for the purpose. Choosing from it according to your preference will do the trick for you.

How Thick Should A Treadmill Mat Be?

When looking for a treadmill mat, you will find them in various thicknesses, such as 1/4 inches, 3/8 inches, and so on. It will be best to always go for the thickest variant possible. Doing so will help you protect your floor even if it is not that delicate. Also, if your training equipment is a heavier model, then the thickest mat will be the better choice. These treadmill mats help you in reducing or avoiding unwanted noise altogether.

Are Treadmills Supposed To Be Noisy?

No, a treadmill, like any other machinery, is not supposed to make noises while you are operating it. There is no denying that owning a treadmill can save you a lot of time and keep you fit and healthy without hitting the gym. However, there are some cons to it, too. The maintenance of such training equipment can involve one or other complications, such as these weird sounds. Therefore, a stable good-conditioned machine does not make any squeaks, and if it does, then it is time for a check-up.

What Can You Use To Lubricate Your Treadmill Belt?

In fitness stores near you, where they sell training equipment, such as a treadmill, you will find a variety of lubricants to keep the belt functioning smoothly. However, most of the makers of such machines advocate the use of 100% silicone for the purpose. These are also available in specific outlets near you, or you can look for them online, too. Such lubricants are available in liquid and spray variants.

Can A Treadmill Motor Be Repaired?

It depends on the condition of the motor and the level of its damage. If the machine has spoiled beyond repairs, then the only solution is replacing it. To know the condition of the motor, you will have to consult a professional to find a solution for the prevalent issues. Too much heating up of the equipment may lead it to be replaced or fixed. In order to avoid such situations, regular maintenance is utterly necessary.

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