How To Get Spirit Treadmill Belt Back On Track

How To Get Spirit Treadmill Belt Back On Track

It is not unusual for the treadmill belt to move closer to one side. You can fix the issue all by yourself. Stay with us to know how you can bring back your Spirit treadmill belt on track.

How To Get Spirit Treadmill Belt Back On Track?

To bring the Spirit treadmill belt back on track is not as difficult as it seems. You can also try doing it yourself using only an Allen wrench. This tool will help you adjust the rollers at the rear end of the training machine. If changing the tension on these rollers does not work, then it is time you call a technician for the job.

This article will elaborate on the process of adjusting the belt that has gone off track on the treadmill. We will also discuss what are the things that you need to keep the belt functioning smoothly. Read on to know these aspects in detail.

How To Adjust The Belt On Spirit Treadmill?

Your treadmill’s belt can go off-center for several reasons. We have rounded up the process to adjust the tension of your treadmill belt. Let us take a look at them.

1.   The Direction It Sides

Your Spirit treadmill’s belt should be at an equal distance from both the foot rails on the side. It will be best to check the direction it slips towards. It will help you know where you need to fix the issue. If it is to the right, then it will help to either tighten or loosen the roller. Similarly, if it goes to the left, then you can fix that specific roller.

2.   Find The Rollers

The rollers of a Spirit treadmill are easy to find. They are typically located at the rear of the training equipment, which is hex-headed bolts. You will be able to identify them in the foot rails on both sides of the belt. The direction the belt slips towards is the foot rail that you need to adjust.

3.   Level Of Adjustment

Most training equipments provide the Allen wrench along with the product. You can also go with any other hex wrench that will fit the roller bolt. After you have located which side of the belt you need to adjust, you start turning the bolt one quarter at a time. You have to change it until the recenters. It will be best to let the belt spin in between to allow it to be back on track by itself. However, it would help if you fixed some training machines while they are spinning. If you are not confident about your treadmill, then you should refer to the user’s manual.

4.   Stop At The Right Time

You need to know when to stop rotating the roller bolts. Even if the issue persists after a few turns, then the root of the cause lies somewhere else. Or, it will be wise to consult a technician. Sometimes, not knowing when to stop may worsen the situation.

What Are The Other Reasons The Belt Slips To One Side?

There have been instances when the treadmill belt stays at the center while idle but moves towards one side while exercising. During such scenarios, you should check the following:

  1. Level of the floor– if the area where the treadmill you installed is not level, it will help to shift to a place that has an even surface.
  2. Leveler of the treadmill– if the floor is level, but the leveler beneath the training equipment is not, you have to make it even.
  3. The user’s walking emphasis– if you emphasize more on one side while exercising and the belt follows suit, you have to start aligning your move.

When And How To Maintain Your Spirit Treadmill Belt For Its Smooth Functioning?

Like other machinery, you have to maintain your treadmill, particularly the belt, for its smooth functioning. It helps keep a regular check on the belt so that the motor does not heat up. Lubricating it will make it spin without any resistance and friction. Not doing so may damage the motor beyond repair.

Most manufacturers recommend that you oil the belt before you start using it for the first time. The process of lubricating the belt typically does not take more than 20 minutes. You can do it when you feel that the belt is slugging or lagging. It will be best to use a 100 percent silicone lubricant for the task.

Along with lubricating the belt, you also have to clean the area under it. In other words, the belt may move towards a particular side due to debris between it and the deck below. This zone is most vulnerable to wear off. The dust accumulation under the belt may also lead to a belt break down.

It will help to use either a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner to clear the space of any dirt accumulation. Simultaneously, keeping the floor clean underneath it will help in keeping the belt and deck area tidy.

When Do You Need To Replace The Treadmill Belt?

If you had your treadmill long enough, then it will be wise to consider replacing it. Even if you regularly clean and maintain your training machine’s belt, it may still wear off with time. Replacing it becomes essential to avoid any untoward incident and prevent yourself from any injury.

You can follow instructions and change the belt yourself if you please. However, it will help take the help of a technician in such cases and not start doing it yourself. If your motor and the treadmill deck are still working fine, replacing the belt is an excellent decision.

Replacing worn and torn belts are not safe for you but also appropriate for the motor. When the belt starts becoming sluggish, it increases resistance and friction, which overheats the motor. It can lead to damage beyond repair.

How Do You Check The Tension On A Treadmill Belt?

The tension of a treadmill belt is nothing but the tightness or looseness of it. To check your training machine’s belt tension, you have to lift it from the center. If it goes beyond three or four inches, then it is too loose. And, if it does not even reach that height, then it is too tight. You will have to adjust the tension either by tightening or loosening the belt to keep it functioning smoothly.

How Often Should You Lube Your Treadmill Belt?

There is no rocket science involved in it to understand that proper lubrication will keep the belt spinning smoothly on the deck. Manufacturers recommend that you should oil the belt every third month. Doing so will keep the overall training machine in good condition. However, you only have to use only one ounce of lubricant in each application.

Who Can Fix A Treadmill?

When various issues related to your treadmill persist even after the adjustments you have made, you should call an expert. You have to look for technicians who repair fitness machines. These professionals not only fix your training equipment but also offer regular maintenance. They will be able to convey the problem of the treadmill appropriately to you.

How Long Do Treadmill Belts Last?

Treadmill belts last for ten years on average. It all depends on your care and maintenance. To keep it in good condition and functioning smoothly, you have to lubricate it at regular intervals. You can lube your treadmill’s belt every three months starting from the day you bought it.

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