How Long Do Treadmills Last

How Long Do Treadmills Last?

The treadmill is one of the most popular exercise equipment. If you cannot go out of your house, then you can simply hop on your treadmill to jog or run. Irrespective of your fitness level, a good treadmill can cater to the needs in the most efficient manner. But similar to every other machine, the treadmill is prone to wear and tear and eventually break down. So how long does a treadmill last? In the article, we explore the answer to this question and more.

How Long Do Treadmills Last?

Generally, according to the manufacturer’s claims, a treadmill will last between 7 and 12 years (10 years on average). However, if you take care of the machine properly, it will last you more than what the manufacturer claims. Similar to any other machines, you may experience wear and tear on the parts that may need to be repaired and replaced. But when you buy a treadmill with a warranty, you can ensure you get your money’s worth. The warranty allows you to get these repairs done for free for a specific time period.

Signs That Show Your Treadmill Needs To Be Replaced

You cannot always tell when your treadmill needs replacement. But if you continue to push your worn-out treadmill excessively, it can break down in the middle of the working out and cause injury. Here are some important signs that show that your treadmill needs replacement:

The Frame Of The Treadmill Is Shaky

With regular use, the treadmill frame can experience damage. It can either get damaged due to heavy use or from the impact of other equipment. So if your treadmill frame feels shaky, then you need to let a professional look into it and see whether or not the frame can be replaced. Some treadmill warranties cover damages to the frame.

You have Crossed The Warranty Period

A majority of good brands offer a warranty on treadmills. Two-year labor coverage, five-year electronics and parts warranty, lifetime motor and frame coverage, etc., are some of the common types of warranties that you get with the treadmill. So if the treadmill has experienced significant damage and you are way past your warranty period, then it is better to replace the treadmill than to take the hassle of repairing the damaged parts.

Console Electronics Are Not Properly Responding

When you are dealing with improper console electronics, then you should not continue using the treadmill. This is because malfunctioned electronics may cause harmful shortcuts in the electrical connection of the treadmills, which can electrocute the user or even cause a fire.

Weird Sound Is Coming From The Motor

The treadmill motor should generate very little noise when running and should offer even noise operation. But if the machine is making irregular noises or high-pitched sounds, then the motor is not working properly. This is a serious problem, and you should stop using the treadmill immediately. To avoid such situations, make sure you clean the treadmill motor regularly, as this ensures that dirt and debris do not clog the motor.

Tips To Maintain Your Treadmill

Proper and timely lubrication will help in maintaining the performance of the treadmill. And it will also reduce the need for floor repair over the course of time.

1. Proper Lubrication

It is recommended to lubricate the treadmill once every three months. Here are the steps you should follow when lubricating the treadmill:

  • Unplug the treadmill from the power outlet.
  • At the motor end of the treadmill, slide your hand under the belt in order to create separation between the belt and deck.
  • Place the lube tube as close to the center of the deck as possible.
  • In a controlled pressure, squeeze the bottle and move the applicators towards the edge of the belt. You should apply around ½ oz of lube under the belt.
  • Continue the same process on the opposite side of the treadmill’s belt.
  • Switch on the treadmill, and run it for a couple of minutes to evenly spread the lubricant.

2. Thorough Cleaning

Once a week, you should thoroughly clean the treadmill. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the treadmill. Make sure you get into all the nooks and crannies. However, avoid using any abrasive cleaner as they can be harmful to the lubricants. Therefore, stick to using water and a damp cloth. Moreover, vacuum under and around the treadmill in order to pick dust and debris that is stuck in the electrical component or under the belt. Using the clop, wipe down the belt and rotate it with your dry. When doing all these, make sure you have turned off the treadmill and unplugged it from the outlet.

When you are vacuuming inside the treadmill, use a screwdriver to take out the screw, then follow the instructions on the manual to remove the hood from the motor. Subsequently, using the hose, remove the dust and dirt from around the motor. Put the hose under the belt to clean the treadmill deck as well. When you clean the motor regularly, it will keep it running more efficiently for a longer time.

3. Keep The Treadmill Centered

Ensuring that the belt is centered will add to the efficiency of the machine. When the treadmill is moving very slowly without you adjust the speed or you feel like you are slipping, then the belt is likely to be misaligned. Additionally, a crooked belt can also become damaged and frayed, quicking, resulting in a faster break than expected. Insert a bolt wrench in the left roller bolt on the rear and twist the wrench in the direction you want the belt to move. Turn on the treadmill and let it run for ninety seconds to see whether it has aligned properly. Do not turn the wrench over 1.4 turns, and then hold the safety key while letting the belt accommodate the new adjustments.

4. Use A Treadmill Mat

A treadmill mat can prevent dust from building up under the treadmill as well as the motor. Moreover, the mat is also recommended to reduce vibration and noise. Moreover, stability is another great feature offered by the treadmill mat. When running on the treadmill, it is likely to move an inch here as there. But with a good treadmill mat, you get better friction between the floor and treadmill, thereby preventing the machine from moving.

How Much Should I Spend On A Treadmill?

If you want to invest in a quality treadmill, which will offer lasting performance, then you have to put out a minimum of $1000. But for greater stability, better motor, and more features, you can expect to spend between $1,500 and $3000.With more features, you will be spending more on the treadmill.

How Do I Know If My Treadmill Belt Is Worn Out?

With constant use, the treadmill belt is likely to get worn out. And in order to ensure that you are able to use it for a longer period of time, you need to invest in constant maintenance. Considering that the belt experiences the most contact, it is at higher risk of wearing out. Here are some signs that show that it is time to replace the treadmill belt:

  • At times, treadmill belts may not be tight enough or slip frequently. If you experience that, lift up the belt, there should be a gap of a few inches, but if there is more gap, then you need to tighten the belt.
  • Lift up the deck belt; if the surface feels dry, then the deck needs lubrication. Moreover, if there are any scarring, marks, or grooves on the belt or deck, then you need to do some repair work.
  • At times the problem is with the deck, and often manufacturers design them in a way that you can flip them to increase the usage. Check with a professional whether or not you can flip the deck. However, if there is any deck, then it will be useless.

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