Can You Lose Weight by Running on a Treadmill?

Can You Lose Weight By Running On A Treadmill

The key to weight loss is moving from the couch. On a serious note, you lose weight when you burn calories through exercise. You can walk, you can run or you can do power yoga. The key is to move your body in a way that it will burn the fat to produce energy resulting in weight loss. Running on a treadmill is a popular form of exercise that is much loved for its efficiency and convenience.

Can You Lose Weight by Running on a Treadmill?

You can lose weight by running on a treadmill regularly. According to experienced trainers, you can lose upto 1 pound every week on a treadmill if you follow the guidelines provided by your trainer regarding workout as well as your diet. Guidelines are necessary because everyone’s body is different and reacts differently to an exercise. So, some people may need to workout every day to lose weight while others may be able to make do by working out on alternate days.

Before you start working out though, you should talk to your General Physician. Tell him about your workout plans and take his advice about your health condition and how much exertion is safe for your body. Running on a treadmill is a strenuous exercise. It puts pressure on the heart by increasing the heart rate, exercises the lungs and also puts strain on crucial body joints like your knees and hips.

Your doctor will probably conduct a full body check-up and will advice about how much exercise your body needs and how much workout can it sustain without experiencing any kind of health problems. The next step will be to meet a professional treadmill workout trainer and share your medical history and current check-up tests. Based on both these inputs your trainer will be to plan out an efficient workout plan for you.

Is Running on a Treadmill Better than Running Outside?

Running on a treadmill has both pros and cons as compared to running outside. Let’s discuss both.

Advantages of Running on a Treadmill

  • The topmost advantage of running on a treadmill is that you can workout any time of the day and in every season. This does not apply to running outside because you cannot go running if it is raining or there is ice on the ground, or if it’s too late in the night.
  • Running on a treadmill is better for your joints and ligaments as compared to running on a concrete pavement. A treadmill provides an extra cushion to your feet which in turn transfer less inpact to the joints and other body parts that are directly affected by running.
  • You can change the incline and speed of your treadmill to enjoy different types of workouts. In order to achieve the same kind of change outdoors, you have to change your running route and that is not an easy thing to do. Because the only thing you can do to change your inclination outdoors is to find a different place for running.

Disadvantages of Running on a Treadmill

  • When you run indoors, you miss out on the fresh air that you can get outside. On the other hand, outdoor running fills your lungs with fresh air that is good for health.
  • Treadmills max out on speed, so after a certain point, you cannot increase your speed. This is never the case with outdoor running. Your outdoor maximum speed completely depends on you.
  • A treadmill cannot help you with the downhill running which is crucial for some workout/training. When you run outside you can always choose your incline based on your body’s need rather than your machine’s capability.

What Is Ideal Treadmill Weight-Loss Workout for a Beginner?

If you have never used a treadmill before, here is a simple beginner’s workout that will prepare you for more difficult sessions in the future. It is important to start slow and build the pace on a treadmill or may end up with un-necessary health problems. The below mentioned running routine is good for beginners and for individuals who are recovering from an injury.

  • Warm Up

Every exercise session should start with a warm up session. This session prepares your body for the upcoming workout by raining your body temperature and increasing the blood flow the working muscles. To warn up, set your treadmill to a speed of 1.5 or 2 mph (miles per hour) and walk for 10 minutes.

  • Increase the Speed

After 10 minutes, slightly increase the speed and start jogging. Do not push yourself at this stage. If the speed feels like too much bring it down to where you started. You can always push your pace tomorrow. If you comfortably increase your pace to 3-2.5 mph, jog for 2 minutes at this speed.

  • Take a Break

Now is the time to take a break of three minutes. Dry yourself in this time, breathe deeply and have a few sips of water.

  • Get back to Jogging

For the next 3-5 minutes, set your speed at 4 mph and jog for three minutes. If you get tired or cannot pick up the pace again bring down your speed to 3 mph. Remember that today is first day, so there’s no point pushing your body out of its comfort zone.

  • Brisk Walk

This is a recover interval. Instead of completely stopping though, brisk walk for 3-5 minutes and then have some water. If you feel like you can continue after this, you can move the next point.

  • Jog Again

This is the last stop of your workout session. Set your treadmill to the speed of 4-4.5 mph and jog for 4-5 minutes. Again, do as much as you can and if you are getting exhausted, slowly reduce your speed to a walking pace. It is very important to keep a good form the entire time.

  • Cool Down

You can cool down by gradually coming to a halt. Go one step at a time, which means, if you are jogging, get down to fast walking, then reduce your walking speed to stop over a few minutes. Do not stop suddenly or your body will trouble adjusting your heart rate and blood flow.

What are the Long-Term Benefits of Running on a Treadmill?

Long term benefits of running on treadmill include a flat stomach, a healthy weight and a toned body. Yes, it has been proven that regular exercising can keep the tummy fat at bay and also takes care of the overall health. So, you should not stop exercising on a treadmill after you have achieved your weight goal. Reset your goals and your exercise regimento maintain your current health and weight. Ask your trainer about other forms of exercise that you do with running. Along with regular exercising, you should also focus on your diet. A healthy diet and an exercising routine will keep you fit as a fiddle as you grow old.

Is There an Age Limit for Treadmill Workout?

No, there is no age limit for working out on a treadmill. You can get on a machine and run to lose weight despite of how old you are but you have to take care of a few things. You should always workout under the supervision of an experienced trainer. It is also advisable to get a thumbs up from your GP before you hit the belt.

Treadmill workout is considered bad only for people who have arthritis, heart problems and individuals with joint injuries.

Running on a treadmill is a good way of losing weight given that you do it consistently and in the right manner. Do not start running on a treadmill without a strategy or an end goal in your mind. Set a weight goal (multiple small milestones), create a workout plan and start running under the guidance of your gym trainer.

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