5 Manual Treadmill Disadvantages

5 Manual Treadmill Disadvantages

Running on a treadmill is better than running on a concrete pavement, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. Furthermore, a manual treadmill is way different than a motorized treadmill and has a completely different impact on your joints and muscles. A manual treadmill is not for you if you are looking for a comparatively easy workout.

A manual treadmill lacks the cushioned system that is available in a motorized treadmill. Therefore, it puts more stain on the knee and hip joints. If you have arthritis or any other joint issues, a manual treadmill can seriously injure you. What’s more? Changing the inclination of a manual treadmill is a difficult job and it also lacks modern features like speedometer, calorie counter, etc. Furthermore, a manual treadmill is not ideal for running. Its short belt does not allow space for longer strides. So, you will have to walk on them.

What are the Disadvantages of Running on a Manual Treadmill?

As mentioned above, manual treadmills have a number of disadvantages over motorized treadmills. Let’s discuss all the points in detail and understand why they are not an ideal choice when it comes to working out indoors.

  • Put Extra Stress on Joints

This is point is the biggest disadvantage of running on a manual treadmill. A manual treadmill’s belt has to be moved with extra efforts. You will have to start rolling the belt like you do with a bicycle. This kind of a manual puts a lot of strain on the knee joints and the hip joints. If you have joint problems like arthritis, you will be in extra trouble. To make it easy to start the treadmill, a lot of people like to increase the incline. But according to experts, when you increase the incline, you are walking uphill all through your workout, which is gain not good for the joints.

  • Lack Interesting Features

Manual treadmills do not come with interesting features like heart beat monitor, calorie counter, speed monitor, etc. Without all these, you will have a difficult time measuring your vitals and the output of your workout. You will have to invest in specific devices that will do these jobs for you. With a motorized treadmill, you get almost all the features fitted in the console.

  • Not Convenient to Use

Manual treadmills are manual, so, they are not convenient to use. If you are running on a manual treadmill and you would like to change your incline, you will have to stop the belt, get down from the machine and then manually change the incline. Now, think about it. How can you change the incline on a motorized treadmill? You just press a few buttons and its done while you are running on it.

  • Not Robust

Flat-belt manual treadmills are not robust in their construction and come with flaws like belt slippage and noise. They also have a not-so-sturdy construction which means, your treadmill may not last you for years. Curved-belt manual treadmills are robust as compared to flat-belt machines but still, they lack the strength and quality of a motorized treadmill.

  • Not Ideal for Running

Manual treadmills often have shorter belts; therefore, you won’t be able to use a long-running stride for your workout. You can only comfortably walk on manual treadmills. Moreover, these treadmills have a less sturdy construction which is not capable of handling too much running. If you want to run, you will have to specifically look for a curved belt manual treadmill or for best results, you should go for a superior motorized treadmill.

What are the Types of Manual Treadmills?

There are two types of manual treadmills. They are different in their design and the kind of exercise they offer.

  • Manual Treadmill

A manual treadmill is the basic, simplest treadmill. This machine is activated by running and stops when you stop. This type of treadmills does not have a motor and completely depend on your efforts. They are considered safe as compared to motorized treadmills because unlike motorized treadmills, a manual treadmill does not stay in motion, even when you stop. The drawback with manual treadmills is that you have to work hard to get them in motion. When you walk/run on these treadmills, the belt starts moving and then it completely depends on your pace to stay in motion which makes for some extra exercise. If you have arthritis or have injured your hip, a manual treadmill can be disastrous for you.

  • Curved Treadmill

Curve treadmills have a curved surface. When you run on them, you run in the bottom of an arc. Running on this kind of treadmills is easier as compared to the simple, flat-belt treadmills. Their design makes it easier to build a pace and there is less impact on the joints. Curve treadmills are easy to start and stop therefore they are ideal for interval training and paced runs.

Is a Manual Treadmill Good for Weight Loss?

Running or walking in a treadmill is an effective method of losing weight. A manual treadmill is more effective as compared to a motorized treadmill in helping with weight loss. This is because a manual treadmill makes your body much more than a motorized treadmill that moves automatically. On a manual treadmill, you start burning calories right from the beginning because moving the belt to a good speed is an exercise in itself. According to industry experts, when you work out on a manual treadmill, you start seeing results within one week.

Is it Difficult to Workout on a Manual Treadmill?

Yes, it is difficult to walk/run on a manual treadmill. This equipment needs to be started from 0 every time you have to work out. It takes time and energy to build a pace on these machines. Further, you have to maintain speed in order to keep the machine moving. So, it won’t be wrong to say that when you work out on a manual treadmill, you get a double workout. If you are used to a motorized treadmill, you will find it difficult to adjust to the manual treadmill and may exhaust yourself much earlier in your workout session.

Do Manual Treadmills Burn More Calories as Compared to Motorized Treadmills?

Manual treadmills give you a hard workout and hence, it is easy to assume that they burn more calories but that is not the case. The number of calories you burn in any form of exercise depends on how consistent you are and if you are working out properly. If you run consistently, you will get results on both manual and motorized treadmill and a motorized treadmill will always give a you better deal because it puts less stress on your knee and hip joints.

What is the Best Age to Use a Manual Treadmill?

A manual treadmill is ideal for young and healthy individuals. You should not use it if you are older in age and if you have had any issues with your knees or hips. Manual treadmills put heavy strain on these joints and can lead to serious issues with them. Older people are advised to avoid manual treadmills because their bones tend to get weaker by age and a manual treadmill can take a toll on them. People with arthritis should also avoid using manual treadmills.

Manual treadmills or flat-non-motorized treadmills have a bad over all review. They are not liked for their poor design and the extra-ordinary stress they put on the joints. It won’t be wrong to say that manual treadmills can cause more than good. If you are not careful with these, you might end up in a lot of pain and may also sustain permanent injuries. If you are bent on choosing a manual treadmill for some reason, pick curved belt treadmills and do not forget to take advice from a professional trainer.

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