Will A Rowing Machine Tone My Stomach

Will A Rowing Machine Tone My Stomach

Today, you can use plenty of exercising equipment to lose weight and work on a specific region of your body. Lately, the rowing machine has emerged as efficient equipment to burn up some calories. It is also a great machine that is great for building abs and working on your abdominal region.

It is a high impact exercising machine where you need to sit and stretch the cables towards your body. A rowing machine works precisely like a rowing boat putting pressure on your lower body.

When it comes to using a rowing machine on a regular basis, people have plenty of questions about it. One of the most popular questions is whether it is helpful in toning the stomach.

In this article, we are going to resolve that query and let you know about other benefits of a rowing machine.

Will A Rowing Machine Tone My Stomach?

As mentioned above, a rowing machine works on the mid-section of your body; you can expect it to work on your stomach. It helps in burning calories around your belly and offers you a full-body workout. With every rowing stroke, the core and abs region are put under pressure to tone the muscles.

Let’s learn more about how rowing can help in shedding those stubborn fats from your belly.

Is Rowing Really Effective in Burning Belly Fat?

A rowing machine is equally beneficial like a sweeping on a rowing boat. It helps in promoting a full-body workout and quick fat burning. The machine will engage your core and highly benefit your abs. No doubt, regular working out on a rowing machine for at least 1 hour will give you the stomach of your dreams. Your abdominals majorly come in use while using a rowing machine.

Simply try sitting on the ground with feet straight. Now lean forward and backward; you will feel pressure on your abs. You can realize that your belly region is at work. The same action is performed when you use a rowing machine. If you work out on a rowing machine, you can definitely tone your stomach and burn some belly fat.

How To Engage Your Abs For Better Stomach?

There’s no doubt in asserting that a rowing machine is effective equipment for burning fat. If you have been using the machine and not getting a flatter stomach, maybe you are using it wrong. Yes, it is highly important to learn the right way of using a rowing machine.

You must engage your core with each stroke; only then will you be able to burn belly fat with ease. There is a certain process in which you can train your core and abs with each rowing stroke.

Here is the process of how you can engage your core and abs with each stroke.

#1 The Catch

The catch is the first step when you hold the cable. At this stage, your abdomen must engage, which will flex the torso forward. The way you sit on the machine makes a lot of difference to your entire workout. Make sure you are putting enough pressure on the abdomen by leaning forward.

#2 The Drive

The drive is the step when you move backward with the cable. It is also the second important step that you must concentrate on. When you drive, using your legs and pull the handle towards your upper abdomen. At this step, your entire upper body will be engaged, providing you a complete body workout. When you do this, you must feel your abs getting tight. This way, you can keep a straight posture.

#3 The Finish

It is the last step when you finish the stroke. When you finish, your back must stretch, and your abs must be stabilizing your entire body. It will slow down the momentum of the body. Just like the first step, this step is also crucial. This helps in strengthening your back. When you are leaning back, your spine must be straight.

#4 The Recovery

The recovery position is when you relax back after stretching. You need to recover back to the Catch position. At this position, your abs have to flex your torso. The forward torso will engage in the initial position. It is important to concentrate on the Recover position in order to complete the workout.

Each phase of using a rowing machine is critical; only then can you optimally use it. Now that you know each step make sure to follow each instruction while working out.

Smart Tips While Using A Rowing Machine

Learning the basics is not enough; you must keep some tips handy while using the machine.

#1 Don’t Use Just Your Arms

A majority of people put pressure on pulling the handle and use all of their strength. It is not the proper way of using the machine. Also, it can lead to injuries. It is essential to understand that 60% of your strength should come from your legs in rowing. 20% should brace the core, and the remaining 20% will be for pulling the handle.

#2 Keep Your back Straight

With each stroke, your back should be straight. Don’t sit with a hunch; this will negatively impact your core. The spine should be erect and straight. Your core must engage when you are sitting. This will improve your abs. Hence, keeping back straight is the most important part of working out.

#3 Never Rush

If you think rushing the entire workout will help in providing you a better result, you are wrong. When your butt is slamming at the front, you will know you are rushing. The ideal rowing stroke ratio is 1:2. When you are transitioning between phases, your focus must be on engaging the core and controlling the acceleration.

#4 Keep Hands and Feet Connected

When you are rowing, both your hands and feet must be in control. If your hand and feet are not connected, your rear is going ahead of you. It will make you pull quickly to catch up. You can fix this problem if you engage your core throughout the workout. You must keep your body in a sturdy position with each stroke.

Make sure to consider these tips when you are working out on a rowing machine next time. You can expect great results!

Will A Rowing Machine Tone By Bum?

Glutes may not be the primary target area while using a rowing machine; it is still an important part while engaging in the exercise. You might not find a significant difference in your bum after a few days. However, with continuous use of your rowing machine can provide you with remarkable changes in your glutes. It will help in shaping your bum muscles and strengthening your back. A rowing machine is an omnipotent exercising machine that will help you in a full-body workout in a nutshell. You must also check with your trainer, who will guide you on the right way to use rowing. It is important to learn the right way of using a rowing machine.

Does Rowing Make Your Thighs Bigger?

It is one of the common questions that people have in their minds when they think about rowing. Though legs and hips are extended when you stroke, it won’t make your thighs bigger. Instead, it helps in toning your leg muscles, making them stronger. Hence, you must not skip rowing with the fear that it will make your thighs bigger. It is essential to learn the right way to use the machine that can best help in a full-body workout. You can either consult your physical trainer or simply watch some YouTube tutorials. Also, you must select the frequency of using the machine. Typically, half an hour every day would be sufficient for you to get the best results.

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