How Much Space Do You Need For A Treadmill

When you cannot hit the gym due to the pandemic, you can bring it to your home. Owning a treadmill will help you stay fit and healthy without stepping out of your house. Stay with us to know how much you will need for a treadmill.

How Much Space Do You Need For A Treadmill?

A typical treadmill is available in the size of 2 to 3 feet in width and 5 to 6 feet long. However, the floor space that you will need to accommodate the training equipment has to be more than its size. With additional rooms in the front and back, and both the sides, you will have to free up around 12 feet long and 7 feet wide area. You will also have to ensure that the roof of the room is not too low. It should be sufficient enough to stand on the treadmill and workout.

This article intends to enlighten you about the things to consider while buying a treadmill. It will guide you to choose the right machine according to the space available in your house. Read on to know more about various aspects related to it and how to save some space if possible.

How To Prepare Your Space For A Treadmill?

As mentioned earlier, you have to set up your space with extra room on all sides before you can bring your treadmill home. Placing it in a spacious area will ensure that you have ample space to conveniently workout. We have rounded up a few points that will help you set up your training area. Let us browse through it.

●       Two Feet At The Front

It will be wise to keep a distance of two feet from the wall at the front to ensure the longevity of the treadmill. Doing so will provide the equipment enough room to release heat and have adequate airflow. A safe distance from the wall will prevent the machine from heating up and get damaged beyond repair.

●       Two Feet On Both The Sides

When setting up the space for treadmill installation, you have to keep at least a two feet distance on the treadmill’s both sides. Such distance will keep the belt running smoothly with any resistance as you workout. While exercising, you may feel the need to make your exit from either side for some reason. Then, these extra spaces will make it convenient for you.

●       6 To 8 Feet At The End

It is necessary to have extra space at the rear end, to avoid any unfortunate incident if you run out of breath. This space will help you immediately step out of the machine without hitting the wall if you see chances of falling or crashing on to the training equipment. It will also provide the liberty to perform a variety of exercises on it.

●       8 To 9 Feet Above

Having a high ceiling or a roof standing at the height of 8 to 9 feet from the treadmill is essential to keep your head secure while you work out. You will need at least this much space because you can raise the training machine to a height of 4 to 5 feet. It will leave you with ample room to walk and run even if you are tall and stretch your arms while exercising.

Where Should You Put Your Treadmill In A Small House?

An excellent option to install your treadmill is your living room area if you have a small house. This room is usually more significant than the other spaces of your home. You can go for a foldable variety, which will leave your area as it is when not in use. Choosing such compact types will enable you to save a lot of space and not make it look like you are stuffing your home with items.

Is It Okay To Put A Treadmill Outside?

There is no hard and fast rule to install a treadmill in a particular room, but manufacturers do not favor keeping them outside. However, due to the pandemic, people prefer working out in the open, taking some fresh air. Doing so adds up to the aesthetics of staying fit and healthy. If you want, you can safely place your training equipment in your patio, garage, or even the deck taking all the precautions to keep it safe and functioning correctly.

Things To Consider While Buying A Treadmill

When you plan to buy a treadmill for your home, it will help pick one that is appropriate for your needs and requirements. It should also suit the space available in your house. Whatever choice you make, it will be best to try it before purchasing to be clear whether it suits your fitness requirements. It will also be wise to measure the area you want to install the machine to find the perfect match. We have listed a few things to consider while looking for the right treadmill to help you further. Let us take a look.

●       Size And Length

You will find treadmills in varied sizes and lengths. Such training equipment is huge and bulky. Giving utmost importance to its dimensions is essential to make it fit in your desired space at home. It will also help check the height of the treadmill after putting it on the highest inclination adjustment. It will ensure that it is convenient to work out on.

●       Belt Length

These belts are also available in various sizes. Choosing a proper belt length is equally essential to work out on a treadmill conveniently. The distance you must go will depend on your height and the type of exercise you prefer. If you want it for jogging or paced walking, you can go for the short variant, 52 inches. And, when you want it for running, 54 inches will work just fine. Also, if you are tall, you will require long belts; otherwise, an average length will do the trick.

●       Portability

With the increase in treadmill sales in recent years, modern varieties with advanced features are taking over the fitness products market. Several manufacturers have introduced foldable types to save a lot of space. Although these are of the same size as the others, it becomes a compact option to consider with the added benefit of folding.

●       Deck Cushion

Another factor that is worth considering is the cushioning that the deck of the training machine offers. It will help to go for the one that suits your height and your exercise regime. You should also pick one that complements the distance of the roof from your floor. Getting the correct cushioning will make your workout session worthwhile.

Should A Treadmill Be On A Mat?

When you bring home a treadmill, it will be best to place it on a thick mat to protect your floor surfaces, such as tile, wood, stone, concrete, vinyl, etc. It will not only cover your ground but also prevent the training machine from making unwanted noises. The mat underneath will also ensure that the equipment stands firmly in its place and does not slip as you work out.

Can A Treadmill Get Wet?

It will be best to prevent a treadmill from getting wet with rain or spilling water to prevent it from getting damaged. You will have to maintain the training machine with regular check-ups to ensure that the equipment keeps functioning until its average life, 10 to 12 years. Water can damage its electrical pieces of equipment, which will leave it beyond repairs.

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