How Long Should You Run On Elliptical

How Long Should You Run On Elliptical

Elliptical has emerged as efficient exercising equipment that helps in improving your cardiovascular system. It has become a go-to machine for people who no longer want to exercise on a treadmill. Elliptical is easy to use and also allows you to multitask while working. Yes, you can use an elliptical while watching your favorite show or talking over the phone.

Just like any other equipment, it is essential to use an elliptical in the right way. There are plenty of things that you need to consider while working on the elliptical. One of the most important things that you need to focus on is the time you invest in it. Indeed, the amount of time spent on the elliptical makes a great deal.

If you are new to using elliptical, it is important to understand the right use of it. In this article, you will learn how much time you should invest in an elliptical in order to get the best results.

How Long Should You Run On Elliptical?

Everyone is tempted to just hop on the elliptical and challenge themselves. People generally set a time, and next time they want to exceed that limit. However, it is highly important you plan how long you need to use an elliptical. For strengthening and war-up, you can work out for 5 to 20 minutes depending on your comfort level. When you want to get cardio benefits from the elliptical, you should stick to 15 minutes.

You must also consult your trainer and know the right way to use your elliptical to get the best fitness benefits.

How Time Spent On Decides The Impact Of an Elliptical Workout?

You need to emphasize the fact that the amount of time you spend on your elliptical brings significant changes to your fitness goal. There are different time periods allotted to various fitness goals. You need to first choose your goal and then decide on the time you need to invest.

Here is the list of different fitness goals that people like to achieve with an elliptical. It is only an estimated time that a majority of people follow.

#1 Warm-Up

When you need to warm up a little with an elliptical, you can start up with 5 minutes on the machine. Warming up really needs to be lightweight and less impacting. This is the time when you have to prepare your body to gear up for the workout. So, it is better to warm up warm for a short time and then move to a rigorous workout.

#2 Burn Calories

Burning calories is the most common reason why people work on the elliptical. The ideal time you need to spend on an elliptical for calorie burning is 30-60 minutes. It depends on your capabilities how much time you can spend on the elliptical. Generally, people start with 20 minutes and then move to 30-50-60 minutes. Don’t try to exhaust yourself on the first day.

#3 Core Strengthening

It is more of an intense fitness goal that requires higher strength and impact. Initially, you need to create a base for an intense workout. You can start with 15 minutes that totally focuses on your core. It will be ideal to do your workout at least 1 hour long as it requires more impact on the core area. This way, you can specifically work on the core area. A 1-hour long session will focus on the target area and provide you with positive outcomes.

#4 Tone Your Stomach

It is yet another fitness goal that people have. Everyone needs a flatter stomach and workout for that purpose. For toning your stomach muscles, you might need to work out at least half an hour. It depends on your capacity, how much pressure you can put on the stomach region. If you are maintaining a healthy diet, 20-30 minutes would be just enough to get the stomach of your dreams.

How To Make Your Elliptical Workout Beneficial?

There is a galore of workout equipment available in the market today. Elliptical has become a go-to preference for many due to its ease of use and efficiency. However, in order to use an elliptical to its optimal benefit, you must know the right way to use it.

Here are a few tips that will help you get the best out of your elliptical:

#1 Invest Time Wisely

It goes without saying that time is everything, even when you are working out. You need to pick your fitness goal and then set a time to achieve that. For instance, if you need cardio benefits, try to invest 20 minutes. If you want to burn calories, it will be better to invest more time (approx. 30-60 minutes).

#2 Find The Rhythm

It is a golden rule for every equipment workout regime. You need to find your rhythm to work out in full swing. Music will pump up your rhythm when you are working out. You have to find the right music that suits well with your speed. If you want to make your workout exciting, try picking a playlist with 120-140 beats/minute.

#3 Change Resistance and Incline

One of the major mistakes people tend to make while working on elliptical is to work on low-resistance. Finding the right resistance for your ride might be a challenge, but you will be able to find it with regular practice. When you are feeling more tension on the feet when pushing the pedal, you are using low resistance. If you are able to move with momentum without any difficulty, you are using the right resistance. Similarly, change the incline to get an impactful workout.

#4 Don’t Forget To Add Intervals

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a type of training method that has short, intense activity, including little rest. It is important to focus on the search training method to get better results. It is true that you cannot work out continuously; you need breaks to gain energy. When you are a beginner, try taking a 30-second interval with two minutes recovery session. When you are familiar with your machine, you can reduce the intervals.

Elliptical can help you in different ways, but only when you know the right way to use it. Right from setting the time to using the rhythm, each point is highly important in optimally utilizing your elliptical. The above mentioned were some of the best tips that will help you realize optimal benefits.

How Long Does It Take To Witness The Results From An Elliptical?

You can expect to see the results in your body in a day. You need to give it ample time to work on your body. Even elliptical trainers say that people must remain patient for the results. It generally takes 6 to 8 weeks to start witnessing the results from an elliptical. Even gyms have a 3 to 4 weeks elliptical program that solely focuses on the elliptical workout. It is better to consult your trainer, who will better guide you regarding the right usage and when to expect the results. In the end, patience is the key to get efficient results from this machine.

Is It Okay To Use An Elliptical Every Day?

There is no hard and fast rule regarding the usage of elliptical in daily life. You don’t need to worry if you are using the machine every day. It will only provide you with better results that are hard to find elsewhere. If you are engaging in daily exercise, 10 minutes on the elliptical would be enough to benefit your body in many ways. It depends on your fitness goal that will decide how much time you should be spending on an elliptical. If you are just working on strengthening your body, you might want to spend less time. In case you are targeting a fitness goal, like burning calories, it is better to increase the time.

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