Can You Lose Your Gut With An Elliptical

Can You Lose Your Gut With An Elliptical

Everyone dreams of perfectly toned muscles. But shedding belly fat is not an easy task. Whether you are looking to lose weight or aiming for six-pack abs, shedding belly fat is among the core fitness goals. There are different tools that you can use to lose your gut fat, and one of them is Elliptical. And in this article, we learn how efficient an elliptical is in shedding belly fat.

Can You Lose Your Gut With An Elliptical?

Yes. Belly fat is beyond aesthetic concern; it can cause a lot of serious health issues such as heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, etc. Elliptical machines target both your lower and upper body. And when more of your muscles are working together, the more calories you will burn. Moreover, the non-impact nature of elliptical machines will enable you to work out for longer without causing pain, especially if you are someone with joint problems.

When it comes to working out with an elliptical machine, it is all about the right body positioning. The faster you pedal, the more calories you will burn. Although losing belly fat will take time, it is not impossible.

Tips To Lose Gut With Elliptical

If you are aiming to lose your gut with the elliptical, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. Here are some of the tips that will help you to get the most out of your workout with this machine:

  1. The Intensity Matters

One of the ways to boost the intensity is to perform interval training. As opposed to steady cardio, in which you maintain a regular heart rate, in interval training, your heart rate fluctuates. Therefore, you get excellent during and after workout burn, allowing your body to burn more calories at a higher level even after your exercising is completed. HIIT workout works to offer more incline, speed, or resistance, which will motivate you too much harder.

If you are someone who wants to burn more calories in a shorter time, then HIIT is the approach you should be taking. There are various studies that show the significance of HIIT in fat loss, especially its effectiveness in burning visceral fat. Additionally, a lot of elliptical machines provide an interval-based exercise option; however, you also have the option to manually adjust the degree of a challenge during the workout sessions.

  1. Harness The Handles To Engage Your Entire Body

The Elliptical is known for its full-body benefits. When you use the handles and pedals together, it means that you are engaging multiple muscle groups. When you do that, your back, core, and quads all get involved. Losing fat in your gut is all about burning the calories; therefore, it is better to have multiple muscles working together.

But it is often seen that people do not use handles actively on ellipticals and rely on legs to drive the movement. In order to get your entire body involved, it is recommended to engage your core by working with the handles. This way, you will get more upper body workouts.

  1. Boost Your Resistance

When you increase the resistance or incline on the machine, you will have to supply more effort with every stride. This will allow you to burn more calories, eliminate lapsing into complacency, and increase endurance on the machine. The resistance will allow you to build muscles in the leg as well.

  1. Modify Your Aerobic Exercise

If you are getting bored with the workout routine or not getting the result that you are looking for, then you should try mixing things a little. In order to keep things interesting, keep changing the routine every 6 to 8 weeks. This will keep challenging yourself to do better. On the elliptical machine, challenging yourself means to increase the speed or add more resistance.

Additionally, you can start alternating the cardio approach consistently by combining elliptical with cycling or running sessions. You can also alternate long elliptical sessions at a consistent speed with HIIT workouts. This will make your workout session more versatile.

How To Use The Elliptical The Right Way?

When working out with an elliptical, you have to put special emphasis on your body; positioning is the most important factor. Here are some steps that you should follow while using the elliptical:

  • Step on the elliptical and position the feet on the pedals in the middle. Ensure that your foot is always flat; instead of being on the toes or heel. As the latter only puts unnecessary pressure on the knees.
  • Always use the handlebar as it will increase the workout intensity when you push and pull while pedaling.
  • When working on the elliptical, ensure to maintain an upright position.

Weight Loss Plan With Elliptical Machine

Prior to your workout, it is recommended that you create a weight loss plan. Initially, you should plan to lose around ½ and 1 pound in a week. This is a more practical and safer way to start your workout. However, if your aim is to lose more weight, then it is better to lose up to two pounds per week. When your aim is to lose weight, then you must understand the calories and how they impact the weight. In order to lose one pound of weight per week, you must create a calorie deficit of 3,500 calories per week. This can be achieved through exercise and cutting calories from your diet.

You can lose anywhere between 125 pounds and 155 pounds by working on the elliptical machine for 30 minutes, depending on the intensity of the exercise. In addition to a regular workout, it is important to improve your diet as well. Monitor your calorie intake closely while ensuring that you are eating food that is healthy.

What Are The Other Benefits Of Elliptical Machines?

Following are the benefits of using an elliptical machine:

  • The elliptical machine enables you to obtain a good aerobic workout, which works to strengthen your lungs, muscles, and heart. Subsequently, it helps in building endurance and stamina.
  • Performing high-impact cardio exercises put pressure on your ankles, knees, hips, and joints. Considering that your feet never move off from the pedal, the elliptical provides a low-impact cardio workout. This makes it a great workout machine for people who suffer from injuries on the hips, ankles, knees, etc.
  • Elliptical allows you to modify the incline and resistance on the foot pedal. This allows you to target various muscles on the lower body, such as hamstrings, calves, glutes, and quads.
  • The elliptical machine can also be used to improve the balance. It allows you to target core muscles while working on balance.

How Long Should I Be On The Elliptical To Lose Weight?

To achieve the best results of weight loss, your goals should be to increase the length and frequency of the workout gradually. You can start with a 10-minute session for three days per week. In order to maximize the process of weight loss, you should increase the length of the workout session and keep it between 30 and 60 minutes. Gradually try to touch at least five times a week in order to get the best results.

Is Elliptical Better Than Walking?

An elliptical is easier on the joints, whereas running or walking outside might offer a different terrain. The machine offers an uninterrupted circular motion, which facilitates a workout with minimal impact. This proves to be invaluable for people who suffer from injuries on the hip, ankles, knees, or lower back. Therefore, if you do not have a safe walking route, then investing in an elliptical would be a wiser choice of exercise.

Exercising outdoors has the challenge of proprioception, which will keep your brain engaged while working out. On the other hand, machines do not engage in sensory receptors of the brain and do not provide any air resistance that can increase the challenge of running or walking.

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